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Train yourself to wake up an hour early

“Wake up an hour early to live an hour more”- Unknown

Like most city slickers I’m constantly chasing after time.  Last month I came across this quote and started waking up at 6AM to run 4- 5km every second day.

On the alternative days, I’m at  the Cassius Baloyi Boxing Academy in Sandton. As it turns out, Cassisus Baloyi holds a few professional boxing titles. He has me jab-jab punching like a kangaroo and of course I now roll myself out of bed in fear of arm, thigh and ab muscle pain.

Train yourself to wake up an hour early. Gift yourself with the body and health you deserve. Or spend some non- pressurized time to gather your thoughts, binge read or write. You could even learn how to “arm knit” (it’s a thing).

What would happen if you woke up an hour early?

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