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Middle what?

I have to credit my dear friend Gugulethu Mhlungu for introducing me to this term. It has made me so aware of South Africa’s quick acclimatisation to ‘la dolce vita’ since the end of apartheid. The 60 year long divide between races seems to be a footnote in the daily lives of middle class South African’s.

Perhaps I should begin by defining the term in the context of the blog. It is a satirical look at the worries that plague South Africans once they are in a higher income bracket and change social habits. Things, which are really not important, become imperative. My first entry is about the shock I experienced when a friend of mine didn’t know who Oprah is. It’s only upon reflection that I realised this was a middle class concern (MCC) and why should I care so much when in fact Oprah doesn’t know me!

I hope this will inspire you to reflect on your own concerns (middle class or not) and view them in the context of high poverty rates, the spread of diseases, poor infrastructure, healthcare systems and education. As well as high unemployment rates and a welfare regime that runs parallel to neo- liberal practices lining the pockets of business tycoons who see nothing wrong with mixing corporate and politics.

I also expect anybody reading this blog to send in his or her own MCCs- if you don’t mind being the butt of a joke.

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