Is this a catfish moment?

I’ve been waiting for a Catfish/ Punk’d moment but everything is as it is. I’m at the right place at the right time and feeling deserving of it. When you are your own biggest critic it is a rather strange feeling- like losing weight and forgetting to let go of the big girl mentality.

A few years ago I was researching the possible ways authoritarian regimes could emerge into democracies. My point of reference was North Africa during the Arab Spring (2011). For the most current updates, I followed blogs, Facebook pages and my Twitter feed looked like an activists’ timeline. But- what I loved the most was that behind each tweet or post was a lived experience and in curating those stories, I could have a 360 view of a place I had never been and people I’ve never met. Needless to say, I never finished my paper on authoritarianism but I did sharpen my social media skills and knowledge.

What a thrill! To then  join a global company, take advice from the best communications experts and have leeway to establish South African best practice in online content marketing. An experience second to none. Immeasurably thankful to FleishmanHillard for the opportunity and laissez-faire leadership style. And a shout out to some of South Africa’s most loved brands for letting me try- succeed- oopsie- and succeed again.

Today I woke up and I was LoveLife’s Marketing and Social Media Manager. Not “woke up” as in I hadn’t worked for it but as in I had always planned to heal the world and today I made the transition from feeling overwhelmed to being part of the change needed.

So here it goes: I dedicate the next few years to telling authentic stories about South Africa’s young, unemployed, uneducated and vunerable and facilitating their transformation into responsible, energetic and innovative future leaders.


2 thoughts on “Is this a catfish moment?

  1. Adwoa says:

    Yay Phaks! Been waiting ages for a new post to pop up in my inbox! It’s not catfish homie, its the life you took a hold of and decided to live! Congratulations!

  2. So proud of you. Don’t forget to smile.

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