Why I won’t be using Ariel washing powder

Another washing powder promising to effectively rinse out those chakalaka and beetroot stains. Sigh.

Ariel washing powder has hit the SA market with guns blazing. Three television ads, billboards and a local spokesperson. Kudos to them for brand awareness. However, I am tired of seeing ads with happy black people that dance, sing, jump and clap at the thought of washing powder, cement, beverages, clothes and just about anything else.

For crying out loud where is the creativity?!

Exhibit A: Jik- Nkalakata

Exhibit B: MTN- Dr Malinga

Exhibit C: Doom Insecticide

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6 thoughts on “Why I won’t be using Ariel washing powder

  1. Ryan Daniels says:

    I’m not sure why you’re complaining….the last two ads were funny and creative.

  2. themleu says:

    Good perspective. I’ve never seen it this way & I must concur.
    There’s a constant happy-clappy, shuckin’ & jivin’ patronising lens that is used when depicting black people in selling products. Come to think of it, I have never seen the white woman in the Vanish stain remover commercial jump up & down acting like a suprised fool.

    Check these two reciepts:

    • I can appreciate international products localising content when entering into a new market. But they have exaggerated cultural and linguistic factors to a point where it’s unbearable to watch 😐

  3. Yessum says:

    Uh, welcome to 1950. Glad you’re catching on.

  4. I totes bought Ariel… cause its by far the most affordable! Also – it works like a bomb 🙂

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