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The romantic in me

I absolutely love this! A charming young lady and a well suited man, leaping onto the train to give her a smooch. Turns out the romantic in me is not dead.

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Small Talk

Whilst sitting at a quiet coffee shop in Harare, reading a copy of Destiny Man magazine it occurred to me that I’d much rather enjoy my own company than engage in small talk.

There are few things that get on my nerves but small talk is right up there with people who chew and breathe loudly. No really- I’m willing to finance a national campaign against it.

Quite frankly, I don’t care about your thoughts on the weather. There are a few things that don’t need to be “unpacked”. Of course we all hate standing in queues. Of course you hate Mondays and yes we are looking forward to Friday but do we need to go into an in depth discussion about it? And besides I get all awkward. I start over thinking my responses and blurt out something like “You’re right- having a sunny day in winter does confirm that the world is coming to an end after 2012”.

I quite enjoy a conversation that starts with some high level talk, mellows into witty banter and ends with utter drivel. I find it less awkward to chat to a stranger about the on going conflict in Syria, then chuckle about our current president’s latest blunder and then move onto some frivolous babble, like how I’m so glad I’m not one of the teenage moms on 16 and Pregnant.

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