As Seen on TV

Here is a fact: infomercials are popular. I’m not sure why. My guess is too much disposable time and income. According to BizCommunity 63% of TV shoppers buy from 30-minute infomercials while 30% of buyers fall for the “And that’s not all” inducement for an additional nail clipper or hair band. Here are some of my favourite infomercial products which are flying off the shelves:

PediPaw: this product promises to not crack, splinter or break your pets nails. Fluffy and Snoopy can have a pedicure right in the comfort of their own home. SMH (shaking my head)- light bulb moment for all of you who didn’t know what that meant, thank me later.

Twista: Initially it was just the food processor but now there’s the Twista Chop ‘n Go and Twista Chopper Plus. I watched this infomercial from beginning to end. Isabel Jones and that bald American chef did a good job of selling it. It chops, dices, slices and then sits on your shelf collecting dust for even longer.

Snuggie: This is one of those products I would avoid buying purely because I know I’ll love it. It’s a blanket with sleeves. How ridiculous? How comfortable.

Kim Kardashian- Fit into your jeans by Friday: It comes with 3 DVD’s to sculpt and define your body. However, when it comes to exercise tapes, I am confident that no one will ever outdo Billy Banks Tae Bo videos. I believed everybody in the infomercial, they changed the meaning of “double time”.


One thought on “As Seen on TV

  1. MandiStar says:

    hahahha i enjoyed this 🙂

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