Kate Middleclass

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Q: I’d like to see a post on the Royal Wedding…your thoughts, your views? Is it worth the commotion? – @WowMlu (The Deacon’s Gigilo)
A: I’m really stuck on the fact that Kate has been repeatedly referred to as a “commoner”. In its proper use, the term means that she does not come from nobility. But in another sense, it likens her to every Jess, Catherine and Phakamani. There is nothing common about Kate’s parents who are self- made millionaires. There is nothing ordinary about being raised in a quaint village called Bucklebury and certainly there is nothing average about attending the University of St Andrews, the 87th top university in the world! This simply highlights the disparities between African and UK societies.  In that sense, I wish I was a British commoner.

2 thoughts on “Kate Middleclass

  1. I didn't watch the royal wedding or read anything about it. I was too burnt out from hearing about it during the months leading up to the actual ceremony. Great for them and for the UK, but I was completely uninterested.Stop by my blog some time :)http://stylelustpages.com

  2. Phakamani says:

    Indeed, there was too much talk leading up to the day but I couldn't resist. It was your usual fairytale wedding, pic's and video's are plastered everywhere so you'll have the option to recap.Cute blog!

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